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About Us


Welcome to the thriving world of Tanga Pharmaceutical & Plastics Ltd. We take great pleasure in welcoming you to our website, which will provide a one-stop solution to you, our valued customers. The website includes the ability to view all of our exciting products, by way of pictures, in a continuously updated product catalogue.

We take this precious opportunity to introduce ourselves as one of the leading Cosmetics and Plastics packaging manufacturers in Tanzania. Our company is dedicated to providing highest quality of personal care products to our consumers.

We know how important it is to feel good about yourself, not just on the outside but on the inside as well. Our cosmetic range of products work to create healthy looking hair and skin to give you that confidence to wake up each day to a great reflection in the mirror.

TANGA PHARMACEUTICAL & PLASTICS LTD Tanga & Dar-Es-Salaam are Certified under  NEMC (National Environment Management Council ) Tanzania.

TPPL Trusted Over 35 Years, Dedicated to the heath and well being of Every Household
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Our company is dedicated to providing highest quality of personal care products, to satisfy the personal care needs of our consumers. We have a wide range of products for specialized applications to our valued home users.

With over three decades of experience of processing consumer care products, we are a leading producer of Petroleum Jelly, hand & Body Cream/ Lotions, Talcum Powders, Face Powder, Baby Powders, Hair Oils, Hair Food, Baby Oils , Glycerine, Snow, Hair Gels, Shaving Gel, After Shave, Nail Polish Remover, Fragrance Body Mist & Mosquito Repellant Cream & Lotion, Hand Sanitizer & Liquid Hand Wash . Due to our focus on research and product application we have been able to satisfy the needs of our customers.

We have an in house plastic division which consist of injection, Extrusion blow moulding, Stretch blow moulding & Injection blow moulding machineries and also a poly bag division to cater for all our cosmetics container and packaging needs. We also undertake contract manufacturing in our plastics and poly bag division.

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Our Business Philosophy

The company enjoys goodwill due to the quality of its products and services. It is our endeavour to constantly improve our products to cater to our growing customer family.

Our Purpose

We will provide branded products and services of superior quality and value that improve the lives of the consumers, now and for generations to come. As a result, consumers will reward us with leadership sales, profit and value creation, allowing our people, and the communities in which we live and work to prosper.

Through our comprehensive range of products we touch the lives of all consumers, in all age groups, across all social boundaries. And this legacy has helped us develop a bond of trust with our consumers. That guarantees you the best in all products carrying the TPPL name.

The work we do and love doing.



Our top-of-the-line technology can handle all our customers' packaging needs, including shrinking, bundling, labeling, and promotional kitting. We source only the best quality raw materials to guarantee our products ship without damage or defects.


We handle three critical testing functions in-house as part of the premium service offerings of our firm. Our facility has Analytical, Microbiological, and Quality Control testing labs. These labs handle all aspects of testing from chemical and packaging, to formula specs to ensure a consistent product is made. Our analytical lab also allows for HPLC, GC for OTC/CBD potency testing. We ensure batches are within COA specifications and test on-line for fill weight, closure torque, bill of material conformity, and many other quality metrics.

r & d formulation

Our library contains over 3,000 base formulas, and every year, we create more than 250 new formulations. Our expertise is in body care, skin care, general market and professional hair care, multicultural textured hair products, Mosquito Repellent, and more. Our expertly staffed Research and Development Lab formulates to ensure compliance with Prop 65 and EU compliance standards.


Our 300,000 square foot facility located in DSM, Tanga, includes a warehouse, compounding, and 25+ filling lines capable of producing up to 500,000 units per day of mixed products. Our top of the line machinery can fill bottles, jars, tubes, sachets, and aerosols. Our 2000+ employees are experts with a proven history of delivering excellent products.

Lets make something amazing together

Our team is ready to help you achieve your vision. Share your needs, goals, and ideas, and our experienced client success agents will discuss how TPPL can help fulfill those aspirations.

Discover what makes TPPL special

Learn more about all our contract manufacturing services, our executive team, and why we're the best partner for your business. Our team has a proven track record of success delivering high quality products for our brands, and we can do the same for you.

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