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Corporate Social Responsibility

TPPL is powering equitable access to economic opportunity, education and employment, and the circular economy.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Global developments, such as climate change, poverty, and increasing inequality, are serious issues that all stakeholders in the worldwide economy must face. At TPPL, corporate social responsibility (CSR) is part of our holistic sustainability framework. We put its purpose into action by helping the world run better and improving people’s lives with sustainability at the core. The TPPL Corporate Social Responsibility (TPPL CSR) team focuses on three pillars: accelerating social business, building future skills, and collaborating for sustainability. 

Running Faucet

Water Cooler Project

We have installed new water cooler / refrigerator at schools and hospitals which can serve cold water to students and teachers at the school compound and patients and hospital management at the hospital compound. The following are the locations where the cooler / refrigerator are installed:

  • Tanga Regional Referral Hospital - Bombo – Tanga

  • Makorora Hospital –Tanga

  • Duga Hospital – Tanga

  • Ngamiani Hospital – Tanga

  • Mikanjuni Hospital - Tanga

  • Mabawa School – Tanga

  • Msambweni School – Tanga

  • Changa Primary School - Tanga

  • Vingunguti Primary School – Dar Es Salaam

  • Miembeni Primary School – Dar Es Salaam

  • Vingunguti Health Centre – Dar Es Salaam

  • Mtakuja Primary School – Dar es Salaam

  • Cottolengo Nursery School – Dar es Salaam

  • Kombo Primary School – Dar es Salaam

  • Plan Hospital Vingunguti – Dar es Salaam

Children Reading the Holy Bible

Education & Construction 

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  • We have donated 30 school desks to Mabawa School, Tanga.

  • We have donated 50 schools desks and chair to Horten Secondary School, Tanga.

  • We have constructed one classroom at Horten Secondary School which is located at Duga Central, Tanga.

  • We have also renovated the entire canteen and kitchen area at Pongwe Primary School, Tanga.

  • Connection of Luku and Single phase electric supply with complete wiring at Maranzara Primary School (Pongwe), Tanga.

  • Kigandini School located at Pongwe – Renovation of classrooms roofing and complete construction of washroom.

  • Donated water storage tank with the capacity of 5,000 litres for storing water to be used for students staying on Campus at Tanga Technical School.

  • Donated water storage tank with the capacity of 5,000 litres for storing water to be used for students staying on Campus at Old Tanga School.

  • We have donated 100 student desk – 50 to Shabaan Robert Primary School and 50 to Mapambano Primary School – Tanga.

  • We have donated 50 student desks to Mtakuja Primary School in Vingunguti, Dar es Salaam.

  • We have distributed three double Decker coats with beds at Vingunguti Orphanage Centre, Dar es Salaam

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Police, Immigration,  fire & Rescue

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  • Being a well wisher for Tanga Police, we donated tyres and batteries to Tanga Police for the vehicle which patrols in Tanga Region.

  • Also contributed 40 bags of cement for the construction of police station at Mombo (Highway to Moshi/Arusha).

  • Contributed Tshs 1,000,000 to Tanga Regional Business Fund Against Crime which is under Regional Police Commander – Tanga.

  • We have donated 10 bags of cement to Buguruni police station for the construction of Police Quarters – Dar es salaam.

  • We have donated 1000 bricks for the construction of Immigration hostel in Tanga.

  • Donated 50 bags of cement for the construction of hostel & training centre located at Handeni under Tanga region.

  • Donated Water storage tank of 5000 litre capacity along with the cost of construction for water supply fitting for the purpose of hostel & training centre located at Handeni under Tanga region.

Emergency Vehicles


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  • We were the largest sponsor for Health camp organised by Ilala Afya in Tanga & Mtwara Region and Pemba & Mafia Islan which served medical services. As follows:

    • Tanga Above 1300 people

    • Mtwara Above 2400 people

    • Pemba Above 4000 people

    • Mafia Above 1400 people

  • We have donated Blood Bank Refrigerator to Pongwe Health Centre – Tanga.

  • We have paid NHIF insurance for full year for 83 students who are disabled located at Pongwe Primary School – Tanga.

  • Also donated 4 sets of 3 sitter waiting chairs to Tanga Regional Referral Hospital – Bombo for their new wing.

  • We also constructed concrete bench for patient at Duga Hospital, Tanga.

  • Constructed Patients waiting lounge/shade at Makorora Hospital, Tanga.

  • Donated 20 sets of Hospital Bed, mattresses and bed sheets to Duga Hospital.

  • Sponsored ENT (eye, nose, throat) camp conducted at Pongwe, Tanga , whereby full medical list was given free.

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Dengue Fever Awareness

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  • We have donated 2000 bottles of mosquito repellent lotion during the dengue fever awareness with collaboration with Ilala Afya – Dar Es Salaam.

  • Also, we gave 1,900 bottle of mosquito repellent lotion to all the workers in Tanga and Dar Es Salaam factory to protect them from dengue fever.

  • Distributed mosquito repellent lotion to Vingunguti Health Centre, Osha office – Dar es Salaam and various other government offices in Dar es Salaam for further distribution.

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  • We have also donated chairs to Duga Ward Office, Tanga to facilitate their meeting to be conducted smoothly.

  • We have also kept 24 hours water supply tank outside the factory premises which gives free access of water to all the neighbours and also kept water cooler for free access of cold drinking water to the public.

  • We also work hand in hand with various authorities and extend our supports. Some of them are as follows

    • We closely work with standard making committee for Tanzania Bureau of Standards for the standards related to cosmetics

    • We extended our support to OSHA to organize boiler trainings by utilizing our Boilers in Tanga and Dar es Salaam.

    • We are also actively participating in all the meetings of Confederation of Tanzania Industries (CTI) relating to the growth of economy and industrialization.

Covid 19

Covid – 19 Activities

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During the COVID 19 period the Industry installed eleven (11) medicated water tanks for washing hands for the prevention of spread of COVID 19 in the following Areas at Tanga City Council which was officially inaugurated by Former RC – Mr. Martin Shigela.

  • Mgandini Market

  • Ngamiani bus stand

  • Makorora Market

  • Mwembe Mawazo bus Stand

  • Kange bus stand

  • Immigration

  • Tanga port

  • Tanga Regional Referral Hospital (Bombo)

  • Shamsil Maarif Mosque (Duga Ward)

  • Horohoro Boarder

  • Mabawa Police Station

Apart from Installation of these water tanks it is also supplying the medicated water on daily basis without fail in all areas except to 5 areas which are Tanga Port, Horohoro border, Kange Bus stand, Shamsil Maarif Mosque and Mabawa Police Station since they have their own water source.

Personal Hygiene

Hand Sanitizers

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We have donated 4500 cartons of hand sanitizers to various educational institutes which includes 206,000 of Teachers and Students under Ilala Region. Also, distributed to Tanzania Police Force, other medical institutes and other areas located in Tanga and Dar es Salaam.

Two Technicians Working On Machine

About Our Employees

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  • Free lunch to all workers on daily basis served with the best inhouse team of cooks.

  • Government minimum wage is Tshs 3846 per day but TPPL pays minimum Tshs 6500 per day.

  • Training skilled employees and benefit to government – many QC staff are today serving various government organisation and private industries as well.

  • Every three year we have TPPL DAY whereby the best employees are being awarded and also each employees gets gift as well. Care for all TPPL Family.

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TPPL plays an important role in society and has a responsibility to ensure that our employees are cared for and are given equal opportunity to develop and flourish as a result of being part of TPPL. We make a difference by helping people to operate in a safe and secure environment where they can thrive and prosper.


We recognize that the sustainable growth of our business depends on our unwavering commitment to good corporate governance, the development and engagement of our people, proactively identifying and mitigating risks, and the sound partnerships that we build with our customers and our local communities. Corporate social responsibility is therefore an integral part of our everyday work. We take our responsibility very seriously.

Our approach to CSR is wide-ranging and focuses on initiatives that make a marked difference in the upliftment and betterment of our people and the communities we work in. Our primary CSI focus area is the development and support of the youth, mainly through education, healthcare and development through sport initiatives.  When identifying corporate social investment (CSI) partnership opportunities, TPPL seeks to:

  • Identify community projects or organizations that reflect the interests and concerns of our employees and our business.

  • Align projects with our core CSI focus areas of health, education, welfare and support of Africa’s youth.

  • Make a demonstrable difference in the lives of the people we touch. Projects must therefore be sustainable and measurable.

  • Opportunities must capture the hearts of our employees and customers. Active engagement and participation is key in any initiative we support.


Our CSR initiatives are aligned with our business strategy and our efforts to continually engage with customers and other key stakeholder groups.

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